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5 Best Entertainment Apps For Android in 2022

Android entertainment apps
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Entertainment Apps

The first thing Entertainment apps we do whenever we become bored is take our smartphone out of our pocket and begin browsing for something to watch or listen to. Another way to avoid boredom is to scroll through feeds or watch an original series on a streaming service. Some of us also enjoy staying current on global events. Everyone has a different way to pass the time and amuse themselves.

There are many applications you may become addicted to, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Android entertainment apps that will help you decompress and relieve tension.

Top 5 Entertainment Apps For Android

1. Netflix

App Description

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a huge selection of well-liked episodes, classic films, and Netflix original series. The collection of movies can be searched by title, and it is continually growing as more episodes are added as they are broadcast. You may view it on any device because it is compatible with all the platforms. Start watching it on one device, then pick up where you left off. You can test out the services for one month. You can give movies and TV series a positive or negative rating, which will help Netflix recommend more suitable options for you.

Are you looking for the global TV shows and films that are receiving the most attention? Netflix has all of them. Award-winning shows, motion pictures, documentaries, and stand-up specials are available. Additionally, you can watch Netflix on your phone while commuting, travelling, or just relaxing.

2. Ted

App Description

As a platform that puts cutting-edge thinkers and technologists on your mobile device, Ted is one of the finest entertainment applications for Android. The user interface of this Android app is straightforward, and it supports 24 local languages. You have access to the more than 100 different language subtitles for the entire collection of Ted lectures. Theorists with a broad outlook who debunk many fallacies and aid people in comprehending obscure truths can be a good source of amusement. You are able to make your own playlist and include your favourite videos. Additionally, you can download music and video for playback.

With TED Talks, you may satisfy your curiosity and widen your horizons. Discover more than 3,000 TED Talks by exceptional speakers, organised by subject and mood, covering anything from technology and science to the surprises of your own mind.

3. Dubsmash

App Description

An Android entertainment app called Dubsmash allows you to create funny video clips. You can share your favourite speech or music with pals by lipsyncing it. The programme has the most extensive collection of sounds, including famous dialogue, hilarious sounds, and phrases from old movies. Additionally, you can include extras in your films like text or stickers. It’s a fantastic activity to enjoy with company while killing time.

The idea behind Dubsmash is straightforward: select a little soundbite, record a video of yourself performing anything you like (the software claims to be for lip syncing, but there’s no reason you have to stay with that), and click finish to combine the two. The movie can then be saved in your gallery for later use or shared with friends via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (the only available sharing options at this time). You can always make changes if you don’t like the outcome.

You may also use other movie, TV, and chat show footage, as well as other unexpected sounds, to enhance your film instead of only using standard tunes. With categories like “Chick Flicks,” “Action Heroes,” “Hangover,” “Swag,” and “Pick Up Lines,” the categorization of the music is a little unique but does assist to generate really entertaining movies. You have the choice of recording sounds from your microphone or uploading them from your phone. Also, you can also add text or stickers to your creations to give them a little extra personality.

You may arrange your films and music into your own unique collections to make it simpler to find everything you’ve made (called Soundboards).

A countdown timer that lets you know when the video will start playing is one feature that the Android version of the app is missing, giving you no opportunity to be ready. Right now, there is no option to edit the beginning of the recording; you must begin it immediately.

4. Playerpro Music Player Trial

App Description

A quick, easy-to-use app with an intuitive UI is Playerpro Music Player. Free plugins and a variety of skins are included. Albums, composers, folders, and artists can all be used to search for and play music. It has support for Android auto. The app is also compatible with Chromecast. You can alter the layouts and select list or grid viewing. You can change the tags for numerous titles, albums, artists, and other things. Additionally, you can configure audio effects to modify the sound as needed. To get your favourite songs onto your current device, you can also export and import your music history.

5. YouTube

App Description

An introduction to the video streaming service YouTube is not necessary. It is unquestionably the funniest app currently available online. Watch a selection of tens of thousands of videos, including short films, TV shows, movie trailers, and music videos. Get all the notifications and alerts whenever a new video from your favourite musician or video blogger is released by subscribing to them. Your favourite videos can be downloaded and stored as offline videos so you can watch them whenever you like. To express your opinions on a piece of material, you can comment on videos and share your thoughts. By uploading your own content, you may also start a blog on YouTube and make money from it.

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