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Best Music Player Apps for Android

Music Player Apps
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The Best Music Player Apps for Android

Nowadays, private music collections are uncommon due to music streaming. A personal music collection is still beneficial to many people, though. The music is of greater quality, it works offline, and there is no monthly fee. Thankfully, there are several options available for grooving out to your favorite music. Here are our top choices for Android music player apps.

5 Best Music Player Apps for Android


AIMP is a capable music player for mobile devices. Common music file formats, such as FLAC, MP3, MP4, and others, are supported. A tonne of customizing possibilities, theming, and other interesting features are also available. We had no trouble navigating the app and listening to music because of its straightforward user interface. It maintains simplicity with a passable Material Design user interface.

We also admired its excellent volume normalization, HTTP live streaming, and equalizer. It definitely improves upon the majority of simple music player apps. To make two birds with one stone, there is also a PC version available. The main drawback is the possibility of MIUI and EMUI device compatibility concerns.


2. BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer is a straightforward yet stylish music player that barely stands in the way of your favorite tunes. It has a tabbed interface, and you can personalize the tabs to only utilize the ones you need. Additionally, it supports the majority of the most popular music file types and contains an equalizer, widgets, scrobbling, an ID3 tag editor, no advertisements, and themes.

It’s pleasantly straightforward and a great choice for minimalists. The commercial edition has far more functionality, while the free version is a little more basic. Fortunately, the pro version is reasonably priced. The free edition of BlackPlayer appears to be inactive as of our July 2019 update. In a few months, we’ll revisit to see if it has returned.

3. DoubleTwist Music Player

Over the years, DoubleTwist Music Player experienced both highs and lows. However, it’s currently improving, and as a whole, it’s a good music player. The free version provides a robust selection that almost entirely covers the fundamentals. You receive playlists, assistance for the majority of well-liked audio formats (including FLAC and ALAC), a straightforward user interface, Chromecast integration, and Android Auto support.

Apple AirPlay support is available as an add-on ($5.99), and a premium edition ($8.99) also includes a 10-band equalizer, SuperSound, themes, and other features. Additionally, the free edition has a music streaming component and allows you to tune in to local radio stations. Even certain features specifically designed for podcast listeners exist, including the premium version’s ability to skip silences. Despite the price, it’s generally a solid product.

4. MediaMonkey

One of the underdogs among music player apps is MediaMonkey. There is a tonne of features, including ones for organizing things like podcasts and audiobooks, as well as the ability to arrange music by things like composer (instead of just an artist). Basic features like an equalizer are included.

The ability to wirelessly sync your music library from your computer to your phone (and vice versa) is what truly sets MediaMonkey apart from other music players. Although its setup is a little challenging, it is essentially a unique feature. It’s also one of the finest ways to handle bigger local collections between devices because it can sync with the desktop version through a wire virtually identically to iTunes.

5. Musicolet

An uncomplicated music player app is Musicolet. It includes a tonne of useful functions, many of which you wouldn’t often connect with music player apps. This comprises a totally offline experience, a minimal user interface, and a compact APK size. The program also has widgets, folder browsing, an equalizer, a tag editor, support for integrated lyrics, multiple queues (another uncommon feature), and more.

Its straightforward attitude is welcome. For those who simply want a music player that plays music without a tonne of extras, this is a fantastic alternative. Due to its lack of Internet access, it is also fully free and has no in-app purchases or advertising.

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