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5 Top-Best War Games on PC

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Best War Games

Which combat simulations are worthwhile? Given that fighting is essentially the norm in the realm of PC gaming, the question is difficult to answer. Whether you’re replaying World War II or shooting bazookas at planes in Battlefield, it never changes. PC games are, as DC Comics once succinctly put it, in a state of Infinite Crisis, and even if you want to focus on just the “best war games,” it’s not like we have an abundance of options.

Nevertheless, we have selected some of the best PC war games for your consideration, ranging from more relaxed free-to-play games to serious strategic games that depict some of history’s most important conflicts. This indicates a variety of gaming genres, so ideally there is something for everyone.

Make sure to check back frequently because this is a dynamic list where we attempt to keep things interesting by adding and removing games. You’ll need to scroll down a little bit if you’re seeking something different because we also automatically place the free-to-play alternatives at the top. For more thorough coverage of the realm of war games, visit our sister site Wargamer.

List of Best War Games

1. World of Tanks

World of Tanks

Game Description

Tanks are pretty important in contemporary combat; in fact, Wargaming has created a multiplayer game specifically for mechanical miscreants. Since World of Tanks launched almost ten years ago, its collection of vintage tanks has grown to nearly 400, including several armoured vehicles and other oddities from World War II.

Over hundreds of hours of tank vs. tank deathmatch, where you’ll continuously advance to the next bright metal death machine on your selected upgrade route, you’ll come to know each of those 400+ vehicles’ distinctive stats and attributes. Seasonal events, a steady stream of new hardware to unlock, and plenty of background tweaks keep the experience feeling new.


2. War Thunder

War Thunder

Game Description

There aren’t many multiplayer war games as comprehensive as War Thunder after seven years of constant upgrades and enhancements. Whether you enjoy tank combat, naval battles, or aerial dogfights, War Thunder is effectively three simulation games together. So there’s really no need to decide since subsequent versions have even included helicopters and contemporary military vehicles.

War Thunder’s accurate ballistics modelling and attention to detail provide the most authentic gaming experience possible, regardless of the battlefield you choose to play on. Every vehicle has been thoroughly designed both inside and out, so each shot has a unique outcome depending on the range, shell type, angle of the opponent tank’s armour, thickness, and location of the crew.

3. Enlisted


Game Description

The foundation of the World War Two-themed multiplayer shooter Enlisted is a smart, ground-breaking concept that just might change the genre. You are in charge of an infantry team of soldiers who all have specific duties. Although you can always switch bodies with your AI friends, you can also give them orders.

Imagine ordering an artillery barrage on a hostile trench. Enter your radio operator’s channel. Does the person brandishing the flamethrower appear to be having more fun than you are? Take charge and set them on fire. Enlisted allows you to constantly go where the action is and utilise any toys that your team has brought along.

Your squad only respawns after every soldier has died, as opposed to dying and respawning individually. In order to survive and preserve your strength, this motivates you to work as a team, covering each other and bringing the appropriate expertise for each engagement. But even if you do lose your life, you won’t have to wait forever to respawn because you can just leap into another soldier.

4. World of Warships

World of Warships

Game Description

It simply makes sense that warships receive the same treatment as tanks, who already have their own planet. In terms of its advancement mechanics, World of Warships is similar to its tanky sibling, but the shift from war-torn towns to open ocean results in a totally different kind of gameplay. An intriguing duel of feints and dodges is created by the torpedoes and artillery barrages that travel for seconds at a time before impacting their target. Warship commanders must become at ease because there is not much cover to rely on. G has acknowledged that they are working to include submarines in the game.

Similar to World of Tanks, Warships constantly receives new ships, gameplay updates, and seasonal events to prevent any sense of stagnation. Additionally, Wargaming has acknowledged that they are working on adding submarines to the game, thus it may soon rank among the finest submarine games.



Game Description

The much-anticipated Panzer Corps sequel has finally arrived. With over 1,000 unit types, 61 single-player scenarios, and a random map generator for both solo and multiplayer play, this novel, which had been in development for nine years, broke past our defences.

Additional features include 4K support, unique camouflages and insignia for units, and dozens of map skins for different regions, times of the year, and weather conditions. The game is already receiving a healthy dose of DLC expansions that cover every year of World War II in minute detail and provide situations that aren’t often included in other games set during this time. Visit our sister site Wargamer for more details and a knowledgeable Panzer Corps 2 review.

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