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World War 4 Endgames
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The Storyline of World War 4 Endgames

In this particular article, we have discussed The Storyline of World War 4 Endgames. The year is 2030. The third Planet War has just ended, leaving the world in ruins.

Many countries have been destroyed as a result of the New World Order. While others have merged to form a powerful unified government.

United Europe was formed by the merger of all European countries, while United Middle East was formed by the merger of all remaining Middle Eastern countries.

Only eight superpowers are still striving for a single unified government. Also, the United States, the United Kingdom, United Europe, the United Middle East, China, India, Australia, and Russia.

Humanity is on the verge of extinction as a result of World War 3, and you are one of the few survivors.

Choose one of the remaining eight countries and prepare for World War IV’s ultimate battle for total world dominance!”

As Doomsday approaches, do whatever it takes to take control of the server and combat unknown forces. The clock is ticking!

Information about the game

ENGLISH IS THE ONLY LANGUAGE SUPPORTED. The server will be available for 100 days.

When there is a Battle of Strength Event, the top ten players with the most strength will be rewarded with real USD from the Game Publisher. After the server closes, the winners will receive payment via Paypal or Google Gift Cards.


High Skilled Worker – Work skills for High Skilled Workers will rise by 25% compared to typical players, resulting in a 25% increase in production.

Army – High Fighting Skills (Strength): In training, strength will increase by 25% compared to typical players.

Politician – Set tax rates for imports, wages, and enterprises to gain control of the country’s taxes and economy.

Business – Establishing and upgrading a company will take 10% less gold. Production increased by 10% in all of the enterprises owned.


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