Valay Park

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Sign up as a Valay:

• Earn extra cash – Rent out your driveway, parking space or garage to drivers looking for a parking spot. Earn passive income. The more drivers utilize your parking, the more you earn.

• Choose your own schedule – Rent your driveway or parking space only when you want. Turn off or remove your listing at anytime. List your space for the apps flat rate (varies per city). Receive your payout once per week with a predictable pay schedule.

• Secure Payouts – Powered by Stripe, get earnings deposited straight to your bank account.

Sign up as a customer:

• VIP parking treatment – Book parking spaces ahead of time at predetermined prices. You will have a guaranteed reserved spot waiting for you. No more endless searching for parking.

• Save time and money. Reserve parking as easily as reserving lodging.

• App features include navigation to desired parking close to desired location.

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